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"Squeaky" Wisconsin Cheese Curds


Cheese curds are the darlings of the cheese world. Each little squeaky and salty morsel is a perfect snack. Kids and adults alike adore them. Many people who visit Wisconsin request them from friends and relatives. Cheese curds are comfort food. Cheese curds are love. You can find cheese curds wherever there are cheesemakers, but Wisconsin is particularly famous for their curds. Wisconsinites know just how lucky they are. Residents gladly drive to the nearest cheese factory to get their fresh curds. Cheese curds are known for being quite addictive. Make sure to have plenty of them on hand, especially when your friend asks to taste "just one."

What Is a Cheese Curd?

“Fresh Cheddar cheese in its natural, random shape and form before  being processed into blocks and aged. Curds have a mild taste with a  slightly rubbery texture and should squeak when eaten. 

 Eating cheese curds in Wisconsin is a tradition passed down for  generations. Curds can be enjoyed as a finger food, but they can also be  used in a variety of recipes. Deep-fried cheese curds are very popular  and can be found on many bar and restaurant menus throughout the state. 

Fresh Cheese Curds

Fresh cheese curds are  famous for their ‘squeak’.  If the curds are at room temperature, they will have the  squeak – and they taste much better.  You can also microwave them  slightly to regain the squeak to them.  Their texture is unique. It  feels much like string or mozzarella cheese –but a little bit  slipperier, and when you squeeze the curds; they are springy or rubbery  feeling.  It sounds gross – but they’re delicious.

Curds  have many flavors.  They are mild in taste, and highly addicting.   There is a reason that they are typically sold in larger bags.  You say  you only want one; but 15-20 curds later – you realize that you should  have bought more.

Deep Fried Cheese Curds

Basically, a Deep Fried Cheese Curd is the same as a fresh cheese curd,  but it is dipped in a batter and then deep fried.  You then get a  delicious, crispy – but slightly greasy outer shell; with ooey-gooey  insides that melts in your mouth! 

About Us

Family Business with Wisconsin History

Kyle and Trisha Bennett, along with their 2 sons opened their first cheese shop in 2018 in Charleston, South Carolina.  As a family they desired to move to the south to enjoy the warmer climate that the Atlantic and all the beaches have to offer. Trisha is a Registered Nurse with the Department of Defense in Charleston, South Carolina. Their boys, Matthew and Mitchell are both committed to playing sports year around. 

Three years after Kyle announced he wanted to start his own business. They forged forward to open their own cheese shop. They have been asked many times "Why a cheese shop?" The answer is simple. The Bennett's were born and raised in Wisconsin. They lived there for more than 40 years. They struggled with being homesick for cheese that they loved and missed. They are a family that is dedicated to share the taste and tradition of the finest Wisconsin Cheese. 

We CAN and WILL Support Your Love for Cheese!

Whether you're looking for a specialty cheese, a block of finest cheddar you've come to the right place. Our high quality cheeses are offered at affordable prices. Our customers enjoy the unique snack selections and variety.

Come and Share Our Vision

M & M Cheese N More started with a vision to share quality cheese produced in the Bennett's home state of Wisconsin with resident's of Charleston, South Carolina. 

100% Wisconsin Made

Products Offered

Wisconsin Cheese

Delicious cheese and Wisconsin, Its a natural patnership. With the Dairy State's healthy combination of fertile land and balanced climate, milk production excels. And Wisconsin's milk is not only impressive in terms of quantity, but also in quality. When the finest milk in the country is put into the hands of skilled and knowledgeable cheese makers, the end result is nothing less than exceptional cheese.

"Squeaky" Wisconsin Cheese Curds

In Wisconsin, we all know one thing for certain: cheese curds are irresistible. Once you taste them, it’s almost impossible to stop craving their signature squeak. 

Wisconsin Summer Sausage and Specialty Meats

We sell products that are Old World style, minimally processed, naturally smoked (with real wood chips, not liquid smoke), and stuffed into natural casings. Providing the finest beef and pork products to our customers. 

Smoked Bacon

Nueske's Bacon is a premium product that specialty food shoppers know and love. The recipient of more than five prestigious Gold "sofi" Awards and mentioned in publications ranging from the New York Times to Saveur Magazine, this fine bacon has been around since 1933 and has been well-loved by chefs and savvy food folks since before the "Bacon Boom".

Gift Boxes

M & M Cheese N More Cheese & Sausage Boxes are a sure-fire crowd pleaser at any gathering and certainly would make an appreciated gift for anyone who loves cheese and sausage. And since our boxes include only the finest Wisconsin cheeses and sausages, who wouldn't?

"Cow Pie" Candy

The Original Cow Pie Is A Combination Of Rich Chocolate, Creamy Caramel, And Fresh Pecans. This Product Is Made With Wisconsin Milk And Butter


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